Winter League Week 6

Results are as follows:

D Dougal S Adamson B Pollock J Nisbet 128 1 4
J Reid S Rawcliffe K Pringle L Wilkinson G Blythe 129 0 3
P Pringle L Pringle M White A Clements R Gray 130 0 2
J Mitchell J Condy J Cowe J Luggett S Childs 133 0 1
T Gillie R Smith J Veitch J White 134 1
A Bolton D Oliver K Lochrie D Davies S Wilson 135 0
S Martin S Thomson M Gibson J Lough 137 0
C Aitchison K Craig C Reid R Oliver T Blatchley 138 0
K Burgon M Collin M D’Agrosa R Ritchie D Burgon 138 1
R Pearson A Whellans G Hicks S Poole C Hill 141 0
D Pitt A Sinton I Ramsay G Craig S McPherson 141 0
M Oliver A Patterson D Heary J Walker A Hunter 142 0
W Wallace G Horwood J Taylor DS Dougall S Lough 142 2
S D Ross D Patterson S Butler R Dougal 145 0
F Wood S Liddell D Chisholm B Warner O Smith 146 1
N Douglas J Aitchison S Jappy I Scott T Ireland 146 0
S Mcaleese S Stanford C Geekie M Turner 154 0
N Lough D Middlemiss A Black B Anderson L Mitchell n/s 0
M Brown A Patterson A Virtue J Logie A Henry n/s 0
B Heron D Stobbart M Heron R Macrae D Pearson n/s 0

Prizegiving and Winter League

Prizegiving & Winter League

The Club had a friendly Texas scramble followed the annual Prizegiving with a buffet provided by Heathers Restaurant. We were fortunate with the weather for the golf which resulted in some good scoring and over 50 attended the prizegiving afterwards.

Thank you to all who attended, Heathers Restaurant for the buffet, the Club Captain Tim Blatchley(who did a lot of the behind the scene work) and all the others who helped but I do not know about (with my apologies!)

Due to obvious reasons there was nothing held last year however a full list of winners for 2020 & 2021 can be obtained here

Eyemouth GC Gentlemens Club Champion – M Collin

Eyemouth GC Ladies Champion – J Lough


Congratulations to all the winners,  and apologies for the awful photography!

Some photographs of the winners can be found on the link to Flickr here


Winter League

On Sunday was the first Winter League round and the results may be found here


The club AGM was held last week, the minutes of which will be available for members in the near future. Some of the key points were:

• Financial status of the club (healthy!)
• Election of Office bearers and committee
• Revised membership fees, as well as locker rental, green fees
• Revision to the Clubs constitution
• Thanking committee members standing down
Stephen Mcaleese the retiring Captain has presided over the club during times which no-one could have predicted yet the club has emerged strong from all the uncertainty.
Elaine Nichol, the Lady Captain is also standing down after serving her tenure.
Other people standing down include Mary Gibson, who has served as the club secretary for many years, and Richard Oliver the Greens Convenor. On behalf of the members, thank you for the work you have done over the years!
The new officers and Committee members are:
Captain Tim Blatchley
Vice Captain John Walker
Lady Captain Vacant
Secretary George Blythe
Treasurer Chris Reid
Greens Convener Jim Taylor
Committee Members Colin Aitchison Alastair Collin
William Miller Stephen McAleese
If anyone is interested in the position of Lady Captain, please reach out to Tim. We are also looking to have a Junior Convenor to help Michael run the Juniors. We have a large Junior contingent and would like to see them flourish as they are the future of the club. Scottish Golf are running courses to help people in these positions and we will support attendance at these. Anyone interested in this role shoudl reach out to Tim or Michael.

AGM & Accounts

Any members that would like to see the end of year accounts for the golf club are now available through Michael in the Pro’s shop.
Also any members intending to attend the AGM (Friday 17th September) to let Michael know in order to help with the logistics on the evening. This will allow us to meet any ‘track & trace’ requirements and also so that we can email out copies of the accounts and the proposed revisions to the Club Constitution and Standing Orders. This will allow members to read them ahead of the meeting.
Thank You

The 15th Green

Many people will be delighted to learn that work commenced today on lifting and resculpting the 15th green, hopefully to make it a better test of golf, certainly fairer!! I am sure that many people have suffered over the years from the slope of this green, I have many times – most recently when I three putted!! I do not believe that there was a single objection made when this was proposed to the membership.
Thank you to Keith and the green staff for making this happen as well as to those members who turned out to help lift the turf – all done without the use of a wedge!!

Apologies for distorted photos but you get the gist – 2 people working and lots ‘supervising’!

Whilst the contractors and greens staff are working on the green the 13 th hole will be played from a temporary tee at the top of the hill. This is being done for health and safety reasons which I am sure you will understand. This will be in play for this week only, and it is expected that the normal tee will be back in use at the weekend.
The 15th hole will be using a temporary green for a few weeks, until the new green has ‘settled in’. The exact timing will depend on how fast this happens but we will keep you informed.

Save the dates!

There are three dates that should be in your diary:
1 – The AGM on Friday 17th September – come along and have your say in the running of the club!
2 – We are planning on having a ‘Prizegiving Scramble’ on the 23rd October – Watch this space for details!!
3 – Start of the Winter League – 24th October