British Legion Cup 11/11/18

This Sunday will see the return of the British Legion Cup timed to coincide with the Remembrance Sunday on this the 100th Anniversary of the end of the great war.   With this in mind we will sound a horn at the hour of 11 and we would be grateful  if everyone on the course would stop  for a minutes silence and remember before returning to play. All members are reminded that the draw will be done on Friday and posted thereafter. Thank You        

Remembrance Sunday 11/11/18

A decision has been taken to play this years British Legion Cup on Remembrance Sunday 11/11/18 This is to coincide with the fact that it has been 100 years since the end  of the Great War where so many gave their lives. During play at 11 am a hooter will be sounded from the club house and we would encourage all players on the course to mark the event with 1 minutes silence.  


Thank You      

Summer 2018 Club Competitions

All summer long members of Eyemouth Golf Club have been playing each other in three Match play competitions ,all these competitions have now been completed and winners have now been found ,they are as follows. Presidents Putter winners are          G. Black & P.Henry Corsair Cup winner           D.S.Dougall Captains Prize               I.Scott   a well done to all the winners and thanks for all members for taking part and making this years games so interesting.  

2018/18 Membership Rates

Good News  In the current climate where the pound in our pocket nevers seems to go as far as we would like it to . It was proposed and agreed by the Membership at the recent AGM ,that Eyemouth Golf Club would freeze its currents rates of Membership  for the third year running. This means that yet again we can offer some of the best golf in the Borders all year round for the same cost as the previous 3 years (BARGAIN). Remember that we are open all Winter and do not use winter Tees or Mats just real golf against  Yourself your Mates and the Elements . So come and get some now. Contact the Pro Shop  for some great deals on Winter Memberships. Juniors Our growing junior section have not been left out either with the current S4 S5 and S6 Membership rates being scrapped in favour of the lower 10% rate . This course of action was taken  to help parents keep their children in the game all the way through Secondary School    

Club Lockers

We would like to remind everyone that club lockers are in fact a privilege and not a right . It has come to our attention that some people who are no longer members of the club still have keys for and indeed equipment in the club lockers. We would like to make it clear that we will now empty any such lockers at the start of each month ,please note that the club will not be held responsible for any equipment removed from these lockers. If you or anyone you know may be affected please contact the Pro Shop before the end of the month to return any keys etc. The first cull will start on Monday 1st October Thank You

New Competitions Secretary 2018

After many weeks of searching Eyemouth Golf Club Committee are pleased to announce that we have now filled the vacant post as Competitions Secretary . The new person at the helm steering us through all things related to our Scores ,Handicaps and Competitions in general is Mr Bill Greenshields . The Committee  would ask that all members bare in mind this is a volunteer post and allow Bill a little time to settle in to the difficult and demanding  role as we welcome him on board. Thank You


Eyemouth Golf club

Privacy Policy


Eyemouth Golf Club hereafter shall be known as the Club.

The Club is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected .This policy sets out the details of the information that we may collect from you and how we may use that information.

We would urge you to take the time to read this Privacy Policy carefully and in full.

Who do we collect personal information from?

We collect information from all members of the club and from all employees’ we also hold information on past members.

When do we collect the Personal Information?

We collect the information when you complete your membership application forms and when you enter into any club competitions.

What personal information do we collect?

We collect the following information Name, DOB, Address, Email address and Telephone number. We may also hold some financial information for employees for payment of wages

Why do we collect personal information?

We collect the personal information primarily for membership reasons but also occasion

to inform you of upcoming Events and Competitions and Tee Bookings and some Marketing purposes .

Who do we share personal information with and why?

The club only shares your information with following .Scottish Golf, Borders Golf Association BRS web platform and CLUB V1 web platform. This information is shared so that you’re Handicaps and Competition results can be verified and published and recorded.

How long do we keep personal information?

We keep some the information for a period up to 5 years for the clubs historical records.

What right s do you have?

Under the New Laws you have the right to ask for Personal Data held on you to be deleted you may also just want the marketing emails to stop however some information may still need to be held for historical reasons.

How do we protect your information that we hold?

Any paper documents are stored in a locked room within the clubs premises and only a few Committee members have access to this room. Most of your information is held in digital format and the Clubs computers are protected via assorted Firewalls and Malware systems with strong passwords the only Personnel with access to this are the people who need to use it for membership reasons or for bookings.

How do you Contact us about your personal data?

You may contact us via the Pro Shop, any further information or request s will be forwarded to the DPO for the Club after which they will have 1 Calendar Month to respond to your request.

Will this Data be updated and when?

The data held on you is updated every time you enter a Competition and yearly when you renew your Membership with us, Data can be updated upon your request if you think it may be incorrect.