Club Championships 2020

Please note that the format for this seasons Club Championship has been tweaked again following the feedback from last years players . A lot of the feedback stated that it was spread out too far, over the 4 months and would be better if it was played much closer together also it was mentioned that it was always being held during the holiday season of June/July . We have listened and as a result  have decided to move the Finals Day to Saturday 22nd Aug 2020 .As in previous years the 4  Qualifying rounds will still be the best 2 scores from any of the 4 rounds listed below with the top 8 players going into the quarter finals ( Match Play Format ) on Sunday 16th August 2020 with the Semi Final being held on Friday evening 21st August

the qualifying rounds are 

Q1 Davidson Cup= 19th July

Q2 August medal =02 August

Q3 Neale Cup round 1 =08 August

Q4 Neale Cup round 2 =09 August


We hope that members will show full support for this years  Club Championship in 2020 by entering the qualifying rounds .We can only call it the Club Championship if you  the Club Members  participate .