Competitive Golf Returns

As we have now all had a game or two to shake of the cobwebs and loosen up some unused muscles, We intent to return competitive golf to the greens at Eyemouth this weekend .We intend to run the June Medal on Sunday 7th 2020 There will be all the rules in place that we have all learned this week and as far as the competition goes ther are a few changes to the normal as well.
  1. One person only marks the score card no second signature required .
  2. Correct money placed in a bowl by the Pro Shop door.
  3. Do not hand score card into the shop take a photo of it and email it to Michael for processing.
  4.  Find your own playing partner as per current guidelines and book a tee before travel.
  5.  Any cards/ scores not received by end of day will be counted as NR and recorded as such on the system.
  6. All the above rules plus those already in place around the course comply with the current R&A guidelines and rule changes for the Covid 19 and as such will be qualifier's for your handicaps.

Please note that this is a trail before we make a decision on the rest of the season and requires a certain amount of trust between all parties concerned, if it works we hope to open the rest of the season up if not we will have to rethink how and when we can do competitions again.

Thank you and good luck