Golf 2020

Ladies and Gents It is almost Christmas again and who would have thought this time last year we would have just experienced the year we have , Our thought s must go out to all those who have lost a loved one due to Covid or anything else and not been able to be with them in their time of need , also we must say a huge thanks to all the key workers during the year and they are many not just the NHS who have done a great job throughout but to them all the bus drivers ,teachers, care workers ,fire brigade ,police and  all the shop workers and delivery driver's to whom we owe most of our summer .

Thank you all 

As we now reach the end of 2020 the future is bright we as a club have managed to weather the storm and come out fairly safe and intact . we have boosted the junior section this year and have all sorts of plans for them at the start of the new season, we have attracted many new members over the past few months and have now reached a new  record high for membership numbers. All of this has not just happened it has been a long process and a lot of hard work by the committee ,and as we grow so must the committee ,so if you could spare a few hours here and there please get in touch and we will talk ( no previous skills required just to will to help). The new WHS could not have come in at a worse time but it is here and as of today I can report that all known problems and handicaps have been fixed and are working ,I must remind you that to get and maintain a handicap it is best to hand in all scores that you play and your handicap could be low or high if not enough cards are handed in ,sorry but that the way it is . Anyhow I would hereby like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Eyemouth Golf Club and a personal thank you to all the Committee for the hard work they have done this past year. looking  forward to 2021and taking this club to new heights.