More News Updates

Dear Member As another week passes and another announcement is made i now write to you all with the updates and please read to the end.   Toilets   As of Monday 6th July you will now be able to access the toilets within the club house During shop hours the toilet used for this purpose will be the disabled toilet at the end of the corridor the reason for this is quite simply control and ease of cleaning ,The toilets will be one in and one out and there will be a hand sanitising station at the bottom of the stairs for use before and after, plus the hot water and soap inside. I would urge you all if you are going to use this venue please use all the available stations to there full use, the other thing is we must record any one entering the premise so please con firm with the pro shop that you intend to enter thank you. Bunkers We plan to have the bunkers back in play this week in order to prepare for the club championship later this month . local rules for the bunkers are as follows. we would ask you to try and smooth the sand out as best as you can with your foot or if you wish a club. If your ball ends up in a huge footprint you may have relief within 6 inches at no penalty. Club Championships All members are reminded that the first round of qualifier's will take place later this month with the gents being the Davidson Cup as round 1 , the ladies TBC The format will be as in previous years. Best two scores from four rounds and the top eight move into the match play phase .we hope for a good turnout this year as everyone is keen to get back to normal. Handicaps All members are reminded that that in order to take part in a club competition you must have a valid competition handicap, that is to say 3 qualifier's played and recorded within the past 12 months however due to the lack of game time this year some members are close to their expiry date as far as handicaps go . I would urge you all to check just when your personal competition handicap expires as it may be sooner than you think .Call Michael at the Pro Shop for any information on your handicaps or in fact dates . Face Masks In line with the current Scottish Government guidelines everyone entering a shop within Scotland will have to wear a face mask and our Pro Shop is not immune to this rule in fact you will also be asked to wear a face mask when using the toilets. Please if you intend to enter any building from Thursday onwards we require you to wear a mask at all times. why not grab a face mask this week and shove it into your golf bag then you have no worries ,we as a club cannot supply masks so you must bring your own thanks for your understanding. Other rules All previous rules and guidelines still apply. When and in fact if they change i will update you all as soon as possible. I thank you all for taking the time to read this and hope it has been of some use to you all as we all edge closer to normal ,we can continue to follow the rules and guidelines provided for us in order that we may all stay safe as we try to go our best for you the members Many Thanks Stephen Mcaleese