Playing /Booking

As the current restrictions within Scotland change again then so do the rules of the course. This is not something we like doing but we must. As from now it is illegal for any golfer living in a tier 3 or higher area to travel to a lower tier area to play Golf under the new Scottish Law. It is also illegal  for any golfer from any area of England to travel to any part of Scotland in order to  play golf under Scottish Law. Any golfer found on the course in breach of these laws will be asked to leave without refund. We trust you understand that any visitors will be asked for proof of address even if signing on as a guest of a member. We would also like to remind all members that the hand gel around the club is for all members to use please do so. the locker rooms must also be kept locked at all times to prevent unauthorised person entering . I understand these rules seem to be getting tighter and tighter again but it is either this or complete closure. I also understand this latest  travel restrictions will affect some of our country members for that I'm really sorry but we must follow the laws set ,as we always have done. I thank you all again for you patience and resolve in this fight please stay safe