The 15th Green

Many people will be delighted to learn that work commenced today on lifting and resculpting the 15th green, hopefully to make it a better test of golf, certainly fairer!! I am sure that many people have suffered over the years from the slope of this green, I have many times – most recently when I three putted!! I do not believe that there was a single objection made when this was proposed to the membership.
Thank you to Keith and the green staff for making this happen as well as to those members who turned out to help lift the turf – all done without the use of a wedge!!

Apologies for distorted photos but you get the gist – 2 people working and lots ‘supervising’!

Whilst the contractors and greens staff are working on the green the 13 th hole will be played from a temporary tee at the top of the hill. This is being done for health and safety reasons which I am sure you will understand. This will be in play for this week only, and it is expected that the normal tee will be back in use at the weekend.
The 15th hole will be using a temporary green for a few weeks, until the new green has ‘settled in’. The exact timing will depend on how fast this happens but we will keep you informed.