Times they are a Changing

With the start of the summer season and the fact that the Covid restrictions are slowly being relaxed we can now play in 4 ball format and soon will even have a club house to grab a drink after a game (fingers Crossed). Over the next few months many things will be happing in and around the club ,our membership levels are now at a record high and winter maintenance path work has almost been completed ,bunkers will soon be back in play as soon as the sand can be purchased and delivered to us. Many small changes will be happing around the course and remember if anyone wants to help out for a few hours just step forward there is always something to do. Soon we will also be restarting the junior section the relaunch was planed for last Easter however was stopped by Covid we hope to relaunch a regular sat afternoon slot where the kids can have competitions and again if any one would like to help please contact us summer is and has always been busy around the course and this year is no exception so please remember the club is only as good as its members. Thank you all for sticking with us through the past year and here's to hoping the next one is a little easier.