WHS 2020 WHAT HAPPENS NEXT ? As we have been trialling this system now for a few months and most involved are now capable in the operation of it , we can conclude that the first phase of testing is now over and this is why we pose the above question. Members of Eyemouth Golf Club can find out first hand from the people in the know” Scottish Golf.” We are hosting a informal evening with some of the officers of Scottish Golf to help explain where we need to go next, as the date for the new WHS systems draws closer we need to prepare for all that comes with it. During the evening there will be a short introduction to the new phone apps and booking systems and how they will work. Following on we will help all attending on the evening sign up to the app if they wish We will then run a dummy competition for all present to enter and scores, during which members of Scottish golf will be walking around checking on all and helping if required After everyone is happy will follow an open questions session about the systems. As a member of Eyemouth Golf Club you are welcome to attend this Free session please be aware that as these guys have to do this with every club in Scotland this will be a one of event and after this you will have to teach yourself or get help from others. After this event we plan to use the new system for all golf bookings and competitions, scores, results etc We hope you can join us in this new venture in golf on FRIDAY 13th MARCH 2020 @7pm