As some members may be aware the Club are currently preparing to run a test of the new systems required for the 2020 changes ,This will be done as a parallel test along side all current systems and will in no way affect any current handicap or bookings.this system will be tested in stages and as we go through you may be asked from time to time to try news systems there is no need to panic just now when the time comes we will run you all through it and will be on hand should you require help. There will also be events running in the club house to go through it and give you a simple question and answer  section Remember this new system  is going live  in November 2020 and we will have to get ready whilst it is a lot of changes all at the same time members of the club have been working with Scottish Golf for months now preparing for this .if you have any question in the meantime please feel free to contact Bill Greenshields for more information.