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Winter League Round 6

It was a bit chilly with the breeze getting up but some reasonable scores came in, well done folks!



K Burgon M Collin M D'Agrosa R Ritchie D Burgon 130 2

I.Scott M.Oliver A.Patterson Z Patterson 132 2

J Cowe G Black R Patterson A Middlemiss J Walker 132 1

A Bolton D Oliver T Smith D Davies R Oliver 134

C Foggo C Swan S Childs J Lugget M White 137

J Reid S Rawcliffe K Pringle L Wilkinson G Blythe 137

S Martin S Thomson M Gibson J Lough J Aitchison 138

T Gillie R Smith J Veitch M Patterson B Holmes 141

C Aitchison K Craig C Reid J Aitchison T Blatchley 143 1

S D Ross D Patterson J Butler R Gray 143 1

N Lough J Nisbet B Pollock D Dougal L Mitchell 147

M McLean J McLean N McKinven T Fullerton T.Bowden 148

W Wallace G Horwood J Taylor DS Dougall M Cooper 154

D Pitt A Sinton I Ramsay S Wilson n/r

C.Geekie T.Macdonald S.Douglas G.Duke n/s

M Brown P Henry T Ireland C Houliston A Henry n/r 1

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